Washington State Sex Predators

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Born: June 11, 1947 in Washington State Convictions: Rape of a Child
He is reported to be of average intelligence, though he did not complete high school and has not completed his GED according to court documents.
In July 1984 Mr. Scott was convicted for five counts of Indecent Liberties against male victims who were 7, 8, 10, 12, and 13 years old. Mr. Scott’s behavior included exposing himself to several of the victims, touching the genitals of several victims either over and under their clothing, touching several victims on their buttocks, and attempting actual or simulated anal intercourse with several of the victims. Mr. Scott had hired several of the victims to work for him at the used car lot where he worked. These assaults occurred in King Co, Washington. He was sentenced to 10 years for these offenses. In April 2000, Mr. Scott began having anal, oral, and digital sex with his last victim, a 15-year-old male. The victim also reported that Mr. Scott “made me fuck him and hack him off.” These assaults occurred in Pacific County over a 10-12 month period, with the victim reporting sexual assaults on 100 occasions during the last 5-6 months of that time. Mr. Scott has contended that the sexual contacts in the instant offense were consensual and initiated by the victim, adding “he [the victim] wasn’t that good anyway,” laughing at the comment. In addition to the assaults for which he has been convicted, the Pre-Sentence Investigation reports that Mr. Scott stated he “wouldn’t be able to even guess” the number of sexual partners he’s had, but when pressed indicated “not less than 10 and not more than 50,” with this number including his victims.

Wives and Mothers of Prisoners of the State (WMPS, Inc)

The Community Protection Act, RCW 71.09, was passed to protect the community from the sexual attacks of the states most dangerous sex predators. While the law was passed and the sex offenders are in confinement on McNeil Island they still manage to offend.
Using front organizations, the sex offenders, the worst of the worst, are reaching out into the homes, parks, schools, and playgrounds of our state every day.
The nonprofit organization, Wives and Mothers of Prisoners of the State (WMPS, Inc), is a front for the child molester Richard Roy Scott who is housed on McNeil Island. Richard Scott, the 60 year old rapist, has victims as young as 7 years old and has stated he has had more than 100 child sexual contacts (rapes). His targets have all been underage male children. WMPS is registered with the Secretary of State with an office address listed at: 750 N 143rd Street Seattle, WA 98133.
Richard Roy Scott, along with the help of his two rapist partners, Samuel Donaghe and Donald Owens, has created a front organization called, People’s Paralegal Services (PPS), PO Box 3701, Lacy, WA 98509, the aim of PPS is to help child molesters adopt young children from other countries, fund the legal problems of child rapist, and line their own bank accounts. Both the rapists Donaghe and Owens have long histories of raping young girls and boys. Owens wife, a strange case, is now the community contact person for People’s Paralegal Services, sad that she is a dupe in this immoral venture.
We ask that the elected officials in Olympia stop the continued rape of our community by offenders who are at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. Tighten RCW 71.09. Tighten their access to the community, limit their reach to our children and loved ones. Act now for our family’s sake, write, call, email Olympia and have this placed on the table for the next legislative session.